Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Non Invasive Procedure: Provides accurate and unique information for diagnosis of disease and injuries.
Duration of Exam: Most exams 15-20 minutes*
Exams with and without contrast: 30 minutes*
For severe claustrophobia, sedation is available upon request prior to your exam.
Weight Capacity: 440 pounds


Magnetic Resonance Arteriogram

Non Invasive Procedure: Detailed examination of the arterial system in both head and neck.
Duration of Exam:  Most exams 15 minutes*
For severe claustrophobia, sedation is available upon request prior to your exam.
Weight Capacity:  440 pounds


Standard X-Ray Imaging

Detailed imaging of skeletal and pulmonary and vital organ tissue.
Duration of Exam:  Most exams 10 minutes*
Weight Capacity: No limitation

*All of the times listed above are an approximation of how long the exams will last. However, some scans may take longer depending on the patient’s cooperation and preparation time for the exam.

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